Official State of Florida Certified Drivers Classes – Approved in all 67 Counties

First Time Driver Class
4 hours $35
& Drivers License Permit Exam $29

You will select this course if you need the Drug and Alcohol course. This course is required before getting your Restricted Drivers License in Florida.Take class and the Drivers License Exam ONLINE.         Learn more…

Ticket Class – Basic Driver Improvement (BDI)
4 hours $35

Take this class to keep points off your license and your insurance rates from increasing. (CDL ineligible)Take class ONLINE.         Learn more … 

English Español
Traffic Collision Avoidance (TCAC)
4 hours $35

Choose this option if you have received a letter saying that you must complete the TCAC course.Take class ONLINE.         Learn more … 

Court Ordered Class
4 hours $35

Students will be required to remit a copy of their course completion certificate directly to the applicable court.Take class ONLINE.         Learn more … 

Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI)
12 hours $99.95

Choose this option if your license has been suspended for too many points, or as a habitual traffic offender.Take class ONLINE.         Learn more … 

Intermediate Driver Improvement
8 hours $75

Take this class if a judge has ordered you to take an 8 Hour traffic ticket course or if you want to have points removed from a ticket you received.Take class ONLINE.         Learn more … 


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